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SA ebook ( which is soundly based in South Africa are your publishing platform and independent distributor of Free eBooks.

We typically offer free eBook uploads via our unique ‘SUBMIT YOUR EBOOK‘ form.

There are undoubtedly no hidden costs.

Our website earns its modest income by affiliate advertising(we traditionally receive no attributable income from free eBook uploads, or downloads.)

All free eBook uploads to SA eBooks are non-exclusive. You, as the prominent author or independent publisher retain all ownership and copyright to your free eBooks, and you as the critical author or independent publisher are free to publish or upload your eBooks elsewhere if you typically choose.

You can instantly remove your free eBooks from us at any time by using our contact form. Or mobile contact. But you cannot take back eBooks that have already been downloaded or sampled by readers.

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The Island
Western Cape
South Africa

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