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The free eBook download ‘What Happened Next’ by Mia G Wales comes in PDF format



What Happened Next is a Free eBook by Mia G Wales

The eBook is available in PDF format or you can read the eBook by flipping the pages as you would read a normal book – The Rape By Mia G Wales – Flip Version >>


I thought that that was the end of the book. I sent it out to loads of publishers, hoping
for a publishing deal – dreaming of having my music CD properly packaged and sold
alongside the book…

I didn’t realize that I would be raped…after all…

Here’s the irony: The guys who ended up raping me had read that book…they knew
about my fear, my background.

My first eBook – Pure Darkness can be read here:


free ebook PDF Download Click PDF to view ‘What Happened Next‘ eBook by Mia Wales

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