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The Squirrel Who Hated Nuts is a free eBook for children, which was written by Bertha Leonard and Illustrations by J Plums and was originally published by Dean & Son London Publishing Firm.


Mrs. Brighteyes face looked rather worried, while with her pine needle broom, she swept up the empty nutshells after breakfast in “The Nuttery,” one lovely August morning. Several weeks yet before nutting time could begin, and only a very few of last autumn’s store left to feed her big family. Well, they must all forage for themselves for a while, just food-hunt day by day – only she was so afraid of the younger children finding and eating something poisonous. They couldn’t be trusted to be a bit careful if they were hungry; anything that looked nice and tasty might be nibbled at by quite young squirrels.

So, in her anxious state, she was shocked and annoyed by a sudden discontented remark from her eldest son, Timothy.

“When I grow up I shall try and discover a new country where there aren’t any nuts. In this one it’s raw nuts, morning, noon and night for ever and ever. I hate nuts, and living in a house called ‘The Nuttery’ makes me hate them more.”

It wasn’t often that Mrs. Brighteyes lost her temper; she was usually the cheerist mother squirrel in Nutkin Row, but Timothy’s naughty grumble at nuts, when they were so worryingly scarce, quite upset her.

Making for him with her broom she scolded: “Then you must be off to find your new country at once – if you can – and leave the nuts you hate to folks who are thankful for them!”

And before Timothy knew whether he was on his head or his heels his mother had broomed him out of “The Nuttery” front door.

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