The Adventures Of The A Baby Fox Called Reddy


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The Adventures Of The A Baby Fox Called Reddy is a free eBook for children, which was written by J.H. MacNair and was originally published by Dean & Son London Publishing Firm.


Reddy was his name for he was very red. In his dark hollow-tree home, he glowed like a fire. On the grass in the sun, he shone like an orange on a green plate. He wasn’t allowed outside, but whenever his Mummy’s back was turned, off he went exploring.

One day he chased a squirrel. He went padding along after it, squealing with excitement. But when he got quite near and thought he could catch up, poof! – the squirrel ran up a tree and laughed at him.

Reddy was very angry. He had come a long way and didn’t know where he was. Then, he saw a bundle on the grass and forgot the squirrel as he went sniffing round it. It was a baby. Reddy had never seen one before. He found a bottle beside it on the grass and the milk smelt good. He discovered that if you sucked the soft end you could get a drink. And when Donald and Dorothy came out of the bushes, they shouted together, “Oh, look at the baby fox, drinking our baby’s milk!”

Reddy didn’t run far. He was tired, he was inquisitive and the children sounded friendly. He sat under a tree, panting and bright-eyed. And the children carried him triumphantly home in the baby’s perambulator.

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