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Herein the graphic-story medium’s finest illustrators are collected to present eleven tales out of hell – eleven weirdly different and imaginative masterpieces of comic-literature. All original – all-horror – never before published.

Yesterday we were frightened by a footstep in the dark, the banging of a shuttered window, the wetness and the atmosphere of the local cemetery. But no more. Now we seem to KNOW that a banging window is only the wind, that the atmosphere in a GRAVEYARD is our IMAGINATION, that the sound of a FOOTSTEP behind us is merely a MUGGER sneaking up. What HORROR is there about a MUGGER? Yesterday – that footstep meant that something DEAD and BURIED PRE- MATURELY had RISEN from his CRYPT – and a BANGING SHUTTER meant the presence of a VENGEFUL GHOST in your bedroom.

And yesterday, when you heard the wailing of a wolf in the distance you felt FEAR well-up within – and yesterday, when you saw a SHADOW walking among the GRAVES on your midnight graveyard junket you covered your MOUTH with your HAND, for you were AFRAID to SCREAM; afraid that a SCREAM might wake up MORE of the DEAD.

The purpose of this illustrated book is to re-introduce you to horror – long LOST horror – long BURIED horror – HORROR that OUR era has never really KNOWN.

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