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Jonathon’s Christmas free eBook for kiddies by Ali Qasim – One Beautiful Dream


Jonathon is seven years old and lives with his parents, two brothers, Marshal Parker, nine years old, and Adam Parker, eleven years old. Jonathon is the youngest in his family and his parents treated him like he was four because he was too sensitive and very slim.

Jonathon had an imaginative mind. He was very good in school and he always achieved good grades.

One time he saw an ad in a newspaper which said:

Talk with Santa!!

Jonathon actually dialed the number many times from the landline and tried to talk to Santa, but he could not reach him. Each time he heard the voice of an operator saying, “Please Try Again.” Maybe because all of the
kids were trying to dial the number. One night Jonathon tried his luck for the last time. He thought If this time I cannot talk to him, I will never try calling this number again. Jonathon dialed the number…and this is where his magical night began. He heard a voice say, “Merry Christmas, Jonathon.” Jonathon was so shocked and scared that he actually hung up the phone! He had not told the operator his name!

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