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Pieces Of My Journey eBook By Karabo Seshabela

When dawn was sneaking into the atmosphere of the universe, a heart was bleeding, cut deep by the worries and regrets of the past, a mere thought was triggered and the next followed causing a noise that disturbs peace within the soul.

A window opened, a soul is deeply confused, which one is correct between what I did and what I am doing, to continue forward seems useless and to stay hurts the most. To wonder if this is a bad day or all of them are.

A cigarette is puffed inhaled what might be right and exhaled the bad issues that trouble and stands in the way of happiness. To think of the choice I made on the very same day of decision making, to wonder how things could have turned out if I went the other way.

A voice whispered, “Stars shine even in the darkest deep of the night”.

A consoling thought vibrates my mind, leaving a feeling of pleasure that elevates desire and de-elevates my sense, how are you feeling in your head right now?

A question arises, to be punished by the past in the present moment its like being in heaven and thinking about hell, to lie on your bed and dream instead of sleeping, to eat with the mind instead with the stomach, how illogical life is in a world of logic, after all, is regurgitated, cold dead ashes were left at the side of the window bud worries and regrets were still heavy burdens one has to bear, and as another dreaming night was about to commence, the mind was still on the chase for thoughts.

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1 review for Free eBook By Karabo Seshabela – Pieces Of My Journey

  1. Aobakwe Moroeng

    I just love her work, at this point I’ve only skimmed through – But I’m inspired and impressed.

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