Child Molesters And Where To Find Them – Audrey Wilson


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People believe that their friends and relatives are good, decent people, and they trust them. But every year, thousands of devastated parents discover their child was molested by someone they trusted.

When a serial killer is caught, neighbors and coworkers often say, “But he’s such a nice guy! I never dreamed he’d be capable of doing such a horrible thing!” Or, “She’s an amazing Mom! I never thought she would do something so awful!!” It’s shocking to discover an acquaintance who seemed kind and helpful lived a secret, deceitful life harming others.

When terrible news comes as a surprise, we believe it about someone we don’t know well. But – when someone we’re good friends with commits a heinous crime, we have trouble believing the truth. Why? We simply can’t comprehend that someone we know quite well deceived us. We think we know someone’s character, and we say, “No, that’s not the person I know – someone is setting him up.” Or “His wife is mad because he has a girlfriend. That’s why she’s accusing him of molesting their child! She wants to get him in trouble to punish him.” Did you catch that? We’ll believe that an acquaintance or stranger committed horrendous crimes, but NOT someone close to us!

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