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Google Ads is a fairly intense method of marketing your book and can become significantly complicated. Google Advertising requires a hands-on approach and can sometimes carry financial risks. It’s also a lot more expensive than using alternative ‘free’ options such as Amazon and Smashwords that take a small commission on eBook downloads.

Google Ads is not for all Authors, and usually only works if you have a fairly high priced book. Else, you may want to take a look at other advertising options on websites such as Amazon and Smashwords that are frequently used by readers.

The key difference between ‘Google Ads’, ‘Traditionally’ published books and ‘Self-Published’ eBooks, is in the promotion of what works. With Google Ads, you pay per click (PPC) or pay per impression (PPM) based on bid and buy, and targeted keywords on Google Search, Display, Mobile and Video. With traditional publishing, the publisher handles all the marketing and advertising, to a greater or lesser degree depending on the ‘quality’ of your book.

While it may seem that you can browse for eBooks on websites such as Smashwords and Amazon, the truth is you can’t – ‘Free Publishing’ websites basically publish every eBook and that’s an awful lot of eBooks. Kindle Store alone has over 1.7 million Kindle books. To put that in perspective your book becomes unsearchable.

So, in short, if you have an eBook and you want to promote it, you’re going to have to advertise yourself or through an advertising agency. But its highly unlikely you will see a short-term positive ‘Return on Investment’ (ROI). Ad campaigns take time to mature and require patients and ongoing research.

Google Ads Best Practice

Many authors seem to spend money on Google Search network, which is a bad place to start. The search may not be that useful without some keen work on establishing very tightly focused keywords. I personal believe eBooks need to be marketed by their book covers, which means the Display network on Google Partner websites and websites that host AdSence. Using effective Image Ads on Ad placements is more likely to produce conversation and sales/downloads.

Displaying an unprofessional Display Ad will hamper your advertising campaign; it sends the wrong message to readers. Image or Video Ads need to look professional and need to be enticing.

Almost all eBooks will be read on mobile devices. Targeting mobile devices can allow you to include strong calls-to-action which entice the reader to download the book.

I’d recommend sending visitors to your own website initially, providing links to the Amazon page to complete the eBook purchase. Your own site can then further promote your book by including more images, videos, and an interesting preface. You may even promote other books then link to Amazon from the same landing page.

If you do have a video trailer, consider Adwords for Video to place that trailer in front of the millions of YouTube viewers.

Always remembering; Google Ads is not purely based on the highest bid. Ad placement is also based on the quality of Ads and quality of your landing pages. So you can beat a competitor with a lower keyword bid based on the quality of Ad and landing page.

Google Ads Certification

Certificates Google Ads

I’m a qualified Google Ads Specialist and Consultant in the fields of Google Search, Display, Mobile, Shopping and Video Advertising. The Google Ads certificates and awards are registered on >> Cyber SEO << which is our parent website.

Other Awards By Google:

Google Awards

  • Google Web designer – Engaging, interactive HTML5 and CSS3 based banner designs and motion graphics that can be used on the Display Network and YouTube, or even on your Ads landing page, or for marketing and advertising purposes on Twitter or Facebook.
  • Google My Business – For Google Maps (The 3-Pack results that appear in Google Organic Search)


Other Qualifications:

  • Search Engine Optimization (over 10 years experience) including Search Console, Analytics, Algorithm Filters, Manual Penalty experience,
  • 5 Years Experience in Google Webmaster Central and Product Forums
  • Advanced HTML, CSS coding experience (and basic JavaScript, PHP and Programming knowledge)
  • Advanced WordPress Skills
  • Hacking and Malware Assistance

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