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How Does SA eBooks Make Money?

Our website earns its income from flight advertising (we receive no income from free eBook uploads or downloads)

Does the eBook Author Maintain Copyright?

All free eBook uploads to SA eBooks are non-exclusive. You, as the author or publisher, retain all ownership and copyright to your free eBooks, and you as the author or publisher are free to publish or upload your eBooks elsewhere if you choose.

eBook Backup

The publisher (SA eBooks) is not liable or responsible for lost manuscripts or defective storage media or for hacking or malware. You as the Author are obligated to make and retain backup copies of your eBook(s)

eBook Cover Design

We offer Free eBook Cover Design to Self Publishing Authors that host their free eBook in our eBook Library (you simply supply the images)

Free cover design requests can be submitted via our ‘SUBMIT YOUR EBOOK‘ form.

You will also receive one free eBook cover which comes in 3D and can be used on other platforms for marketing and advertising use. The free eBook cover design is limited and is based on our own discretion.

Do You Offer eBook Editing?

No, we do not offer book editing, and neither do we offer proofreading.

Do You Edit The Free eBook?

No, we do not edit the PDF eBook itself, but on occasion, we do add our copyright to the top of the PDF Document.

eBook Upload FAQ

What Is The Cover Image Size?

For quick page load time, it is suggested to upload an image 550px wide. You may, however, upload larger images (not larger than 1.8MB)

What Format Should I Use For Cover Images?

For quick page load time, it is suggested to use JPG format

What Is The Maximum Size For eBook Upload?

Maximum file upload is 1.8MB. If the file is larger than 1.8MB; rather email the file direct to – admin@sa-ebooks.co.za

What Type Of eBook Do You Not Accept?

We accept most types of eBooks. We do however not accept eBooks that relate to child pornography, bestiality, hate, terrorism, etc…

And we will not upload books with swearing or naked images in the page description (the website is viewed by grannies, grandpas, and kids!)

How Do We Remove Our eBook From Your Website?

You can remove your free eBooks from SA eBooks at any time by using our contact form. or mobile contact. But you cannot take back eBooks that have already been downloaded or sampled by readers.

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Pure Darkness eBooks

Pure Darkness eBooks

Mia is a musician, artist & mother. She has a penchant for tins and crystals and pearls of wisdom & loves songs about the ocean.

What Happened Next eBooks

What Happened Next, the Rape!

I sent my first book out (Pure Darkness) to loads of publishers, hoping for a publishing deal – dreaming of having my music CD properly packaged and sold alongside the book…
I didn’t realize that I would be raped…after all…
Here’s the irony: The guys who ended up raping me had read that book…they knew about my fear, my background.