Do Book Publishers Use Algorithms

The answer is typically; yes – Leading publishers do use Algorithms for publishing purposes. Leading companies don’t have the manpower to properly read millions of forthcoming books. The forthcoming books are first checked by an algorithm examine readers. The so-called machine classification algorithms isolate features most common in bestsellers. Some of the algorithms can identify […]


Can You Make a Living as an Ebook Author?

As we all undoubtedly know electronic books have become extremely popular and are a lot more cost effective than the traditional method of publishing. Self-publishers can even advertise their ebooks for free. But does that mean you stand a more significant chance at making money on that self-published book versus the conventional method of publishing […]


How to Market an eBook and Make Money

Ebook Marketing to make money goes beyond creating the book itself and a simple landing page, posting links, and emailing potential customers. In this published article we typically focus on organic search engine visibility, which is based on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Most published authors typically make the fundamental mistake of marketing their ebooks with […]


Twitter Hashtags for Authors, Writers and Readers

Author Hashtags Twitter is a powerful online social network on which authors can post and interact with messages known as “tweets”. Twitter now allows 280 characters per tweet, instead of the traditional 140 characters. A hashtag (#) symbol is used to index keywords or topics on Twitter and can be typed in the search bar […]


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Pure Darkness eBooks

Pure Darkness eBooks

Mia is a musician, artist & mother. She has a penchant for tins and crystals and pearls of wisdom & loves songs about the ocean.

What Happened Next eBooks

What Happened Next, the Rape!

I sent my first book out (Pure Darkness) to loads of publishers, hoping for a publishing deal – dreaming of having my music CD properly packaged and sold alongside the book…
I didn’t realize that I would be raped…after all…
Here’s the irony: The guys who ended up raping me had read that book…they knew about my fear, my background.