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Welcome to SA eBooks Free cover design library. Below we give a few examples of eBook covers and explain the process involved in creating your Book Cover.

Unprofessional eBook covers will result in fewer downloads (It is a sure way of telling book buyers to stay away) Always remembering; high-resolution covers are needed for paperbacks, which we do not design.

Self Publishing Authors that host their free eBooks in our eBook Library qualify for Free eBook Cover Design! (you simply supply the images)

The free cover also comes in 3D and can be used for marketing and advertising.

Free eBook Cover Examples

Mia g ebook cover design - Pure Darkness Erotic ebook cover design Erotic ebook cover

Having a professionally designed eBook cover will result in more downloads. Your local writing and reading groups will pick it up, and so will others.

A new story about history ebook Graeme Belling Addicts ebook cover Balancing nature ebook Graeme Belling

Free eBook Front Cover Design

Paid eBook Front Cover Prices

* Custom ebook cover design
* Illustrated book cover designed from scratch with 2 characters and a background
* You may supply stock images
* One free 3D models of the book for marketing and advertising use
* eBook cover design in .jpg format

eBook Cover Price – FREE

An amazing book cover will put you far ahead of your marketing competition and will continue to bring in royalties to for eBook.  All cover typography and layout design are included in our cover free designs. Submit your eBook today and qualify for a free eBook Cover!

Free eBook Covers

Costs For eBook Covers

We have plenty of design options. So you’re not restricted to one or two concepts, there are multiple concepts available. If you’ve already invested in hiring a photographer and/or illustrators you may forward the images to us. Or if you already have a cover design we will gladly use it on your eBook.

Cover design prices for free eBooks cost absolutely free!

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We offer Free eBook Cover Design to Self Publishing Authors that host their free eBook in our eBook Library; based on our own discretion.

Our system operates manually. In other words; all eBooks covers are manually created by a ‘human’, and not a ‘program’, which can result in a time factor.

We do not offer a specific time frame, and we do not guarantee that all free covers will be created.

If we find plagiarism or copyright issues, or if the book does not meet our criteria, we will not create a cover.

We reserve the right to decline books that contain swearing or naked images in the product page description (SA eBooks is viewed by grannies, grandpas, and kids!) and if the eBook itself contains explicit language or explicit images that could offend sensitive viewers, we reserve the right to add a disclaimer to the product page description.

Emergency Contact – Terry: +27 (0)63 004 1444

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Pure Darkness eBooks

Pure Darkness eBooks

Mia is a musician, artist & mother. She has a penchant for tins and crystals and pearls of wisdom & loves songs about the ocean.

What Happened Next eBooks

What Happened Next, the Rape!

I sent my first book out (Pure Darkness) to loads of publishers, hoping for a publishing deal – dreaming of having my music CD properly packaged and sold alongside the book…
I didn’t realize that I would be raped…after all…
Here’s the irony: The guys who ended up raping me had read that book…they knew about my fear, my background.