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SA eBooks based in South Africa are not a modern platform for independent authors who eagerly follow the traditional electronic advertising route (In essence; we are agents working in direct response to the swelling popularity of FREE EBOOK DOWNLOADS by members of the public.)

SA eBooks are invariably the Readers Gateway to Free eBooks Without Registration. eBook download formats are mostly PDF.

We will typically host your Free eBook absolutely free (or the first chapter of your paid book)

Your free eBook or the first chapter of your paid eBook is allowed two outbound links. One to your website and one to an advertising platform that hosts your paid eBook. So in other words; we productively use your free eBook to advertise your paid eBook on Amazon, etc.., absolutely free!

There are absolutely no costs to you and you can promptly cancel at any possible time.

Our Digital Libraries hosts many books, which are all available to download legally because their copyright has expired. (the USA and copyright law of South Africa specify copyright falls away after the published authors have been dead for 50 possible years.) Or because some published authors willingly grant us official permission to distribute their free eBook(s). 

Constantly remembering; it doesn’t necessarily mean that the free eBook is in the public domain; unless explicitly stated otherwise, the critical author will retain copyright over the eBook, including the exclusive right to distribute the book.

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Pure Darkness eBooks

Pure Darkness eBooks

Mia is a musician, artist & mother. She has a penchant for tins and crystals and pearls of wisdom & loves songs about the ocean.

What Happened Next eBooks

What Happened Next, the Rape!

I sent my first book out (Pure Darkness) to loads of publishers, hoping for a publishing deal – dreaming of having my music CD properly packaged and sold alongside the book…
I didn’t realize that I would be raped…after all…
Here’s the irony: The guys who ended up raping me had read that book…they knew about my fear, my background.