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SA eBooks based in South Africa are not a platform for independent authors who follow the traditional advertising route (In essence, we are agents working as consultants and advertisers in direct response to the swelling popularity of FREE EBOOK DOWNLOADS by members of the public) Which means; we host your Free eBook absolutely free (Paid eBooks are NOT ALLOWED)

Your free eBook is allowed two outbound links. One to your website, and one to an advertising platform that hosts your paid eBook. So in other-words; we use your free eBook to advertise your paid eBook, absolutely free!

There are absolutely no costs to you and you can cancel at any time.

SA eBooks are the readers gateway to free eBook downloads (without registration or hidden costs) eBook download formats are mostly PDF.

Our eBook Library offers the following:

  • Free eBooks
  • Free Short Stories
  • Free Kiddies eBook

We also allow you to sort results by popularity, rating and newest, as not to waste time trawling through menus.

Our eBook Library hosts many books, which are all available to download legally because their copyright has expired (USA and copyright law of South Africa specify that copyright falls away after the author(s) have been dead for 50 years) or because some authors give us permission to distribute their free eBook(s). Always remembering; it doesn’t necessarily mean that the free eBook is in the public domain; unless explicitly stated otherwise, the author will retain copyright over the eBook, including the exclusive right to distribute the book.

Free eBook Cover Design

Free eBook Cover Design


We offer Free eBook Cover Design to Self Publishing Authors that host there free eBook in our eBook Library (you simply supply the images)

Free cover design requests can be submitted via our ‘SUBMIT YOUR EBOOK‘ form.

You will also receive one free eBook cover which comes in 3D and can be used on other platforms for marketing and advertising use. Free eBook cover design is limited and is based on our own discretion.


Paid eBook Advertising

We offer paid eBook advertising in the side bar on all book categorizes, and Pop-Up ads on specific eBook product pages of your choice. All paid ads are uniquely designed by SA eBooks to drive traffic to your paid eBook.

To find out more about our paid eBook adverting view the advertising page.

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